Large Blender Brush

This thick, curved extra large brush is made of natural bristles and is a multi-purpose tool. It is perfect for the application of all over eyeshadow as well as with foundation for a flawless complexion.

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    With eyeshadow:

    The slightly curved shape and soft yet firm bristles allow you to apply, shade and blend an all over diffused eyeshadow look. It’s rounded tip and large surface make it possible to apply eyeshadow evenly and blend color easily. It can be used with any powder structure or cream make up.


    With foundation:
    Made from soft sable, this flat slightly rounded brush was developed to precisely follow the contours of the face to create a flawless complexion when used with any cream or fluid foundation.



    With eye shadow:

    Apply color to eyelid and play with light and shadows to create any desired look. Use brush to blend in color evenly.


    With foundation:
    Apply a drop of foundation to the back of the hand. Remove a small amount of the foundation with the brush and spread onto the face. Always start at the center of the face and work outwards, spreading the foundation evenly. Don’t forget to lightly blend the neckline.


    Hair type: Sable


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